Welcome to nimbleMinds

What is nimbleMinds?

nimbleMinds is an all European clan founded 2004. English is the only language used on the boards, in-game or on teamspeak. We are currently active in tribes ascend, ut2004 and ut99. We also play command and conquer 4, warcraft 3, starcraft 2 for fun.

You want to be a a member of nimbleMinds?

The Community

The community is meant to be a place for people who enjoy gaming with others but do not have the time or interest in competitive play. We offer a teamspeak3 server to talk to players currently playing the same game, these boards to discuss the games you are interested in and the possibility to create new squads for games nimbleMinds has no squad for yet. If the game gets approved by the council you can also get a game server (if it can be run under linux). The community also allows you to get reserved slots on our public servers if the game supports it.


The squads are playing competitively on known esports portals such as clanbase and ESL. The squads have rules that regulate the member status and define the requirements to be part of it. The rules for squads can vary, therefore you should talk to the leaders first. The main rules for nimbleMinds require:
  • Able to train at least twice a week
  • Active on the boards
  • A headset ready to communicate
  • A good understanding of tactics, check the boards before every match
  • Behave and respect your opponents
  • Accept decisions made by the squadleader


It is very important for us that you are able to speak to us. Not only are we hanging out on teamspeak on casual gaming days, clanwars require a good communication. Therefore a good headset is necessary. If you got one feel free to join our teamspeak via the teamspeak tab on top.


Gameservers are always free, if they can be run under linux. Currently we are running ut99 and ut2004 servers.

Important Links:

Our Teamspeak Server
trial and introduction board

History of nimbleMinds

The Clan nimbleMinds was founded in October 2004 out of the already existing Clan Wohngemeinschaft.The name originated from a coding label. It is the main sponsor. The founders were Stepo, Diesel and Patser along with the members of the UT-Squad of their former clan "WG" at that time. The main platform for games was the clanbase, where we played ut2004 and ut3 up till now.

Leader of nimbleMinds

Leader of nimbleMinds Gaming is stepo.

Council of nimbleMinds

The council is an institution that is consulted if a clan wide important decision has to be made. These can be the founding of a squad or issues between members.
Members of the council: