The rules for the nimbleMinds community and its squads


Due to nimbleMinds' international community, you are required to communicate in English on all platforms of communication.


Our main platform of communication is TeamSpeak. Make sure you have a decent headset set-up, while keeping echoing and background noises to a minimum. We encourage you to spend as much time as possible on our server, whether you’re looking for people to play with or just wanting to have a chat. Aside from TeamSpeak, we also use IRC: #nimbleMinds on quakenet. We don’t bite, feel free to ask our members for other contact information, such as their Skype ID or Steam, via PM on the forums.


It is forbidden to post, upload or link content that is in any way inflammatory, unlawful or discriminating. Any reports of such content through the forum’s report system are appreciated, and will be handled by our moderation team as quickly as possible.


Respect is the epitome of the nimbleMinds community. It is prohibited to insult or offensively troll opponents, teammates or chat partners. Please keep in mind that any inflammatory activity, regardless of its relation to nimbleMinds, can still affect our collective image as a whole. We encourage any issues with fellow members of the clan to be mutually and peacefully approached and solved. If this is impossible, contact the responsible squad-leader or clan-leader and a compromise will be determined.


A regular member of a squad is expected to participate in training sessions at least twice a week, though more frequent activity is always appreciated and will result in being a preferable player in clan activity. We highly recommend regularly visiting our forums, in order to stay up to date in regards to clan wars, training sessions and meetings. Be sure to notify us on the forums beforehand, should you be unable to meet these requirements for prolonged periods of time or in the case that you will not be available for a clan war.


nimbleMinds is organized into various squads, depending on the game and mode that is being played. Each squad consists of a squad-leader and its players, though further details of a squad’s hierarchy are up to its members’ discretion.

Teamspeak Rules

  • Your TS-Nickname should allow all other members to unambiguously recognize you
  • You are required to communicate in English, unless all members present in the conversation share the same first language
  • The use of voice-changers is forbidden
  • The impersonation of other members is forbidden
  • Any violation of these rules is to be reported to an on-site admin or moderator. If neither are present, you can file a complaint against the offender by right-clicking on their names and selecting the corresponding option, and we will investigate the matter. Be warned, however, that abusing this system is a punishable offense.