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  • More than a month ago kojn^ signed up on our boards and left a nice introduction. He was very active in the ut2k4 practice matches as well as during the week when Toxikk was playable. I will setup little inverviews with the players again for those who did not have the chance yet to meet them on teamspeak.

    You are part of the nimbleMinds Toxikk squad now, what are your expectations?
    kojn^ :
    To rule the world, galaxy, universe etc
    Just kidding
    That we are able to get a strong team and compete at the highest levels. To be as good as they can be, that's all you can expect really from anyone. Hopefully the clan/team grows and branches out into several different game-mode's and those players represent the team well..and win events!

    If you were in charge of picking a 4v4 team now, who would be in it and why?
    kojn^ :
    I'm not entirely sure to be honest who I'd have as it's difficult to see who's at where currently, until we start getting some pickup games/competitive games going , I can tell you what I would want/look for though.
    I'd want a balanced team, part frag-power and the other half would be exemplary timers of item's and have a good work ethic and communication. These guy's would be the kind of the 'solid foundations' of the team if that make's sense. The one's who always put in a good game nearly all the time, good effeciencies with K/D ratio.
    They might not be classed as 'stars' of the game but there the kind of player's that enable the really frag heavy players to play off
    If you don't have a balanced team, then everyone wants to fight over items etc.The most important thing, is that the player's know where to go/be at each point on the map/s when item's are ready to spawn. Securing the powerups etc
    There's no fighting over the item's, if one player has a weapon like the bullcraft, they'd be near a closed-hall entrance etc.
    Just player's who are able to think like that and get into position as second nature depending where the team-mate's are
    A team with terrific teamplay will always be able to keep up with a team without it, but who maybe have slightly better players.
    Which is why basically, the team-mate's I'd want to have are one's who understand team-play is vital to succeeding.

    What are your expectations for toxikk?
    kojn^ :
    The dev's seem really passionate, also I have seen them make changes for the game before even the early access. They always seem polite and have no issues making changes if it's what the community wants.
    Therefore my expectations are that they carry on doing a good job, that they add more content after v1.0 release.
    I'd like to see toxikk get the recognition it deserves, it's by far the most polished early access release I've ever played. I hope people in the community make mod's and map's relatively quickly when they have the tools to do so, so we can get a competitive scene going.
    If people are patient enough, it will happen. So my expectations are that toxikk grows as a game, not just competitively, but purely also as an accessible game for all with a lot of content.
    The way it's been received so far, I think we have a good chance this will realistically happen.
    Last but not least:
    People need to be realistic with there expectations and the community needs to help mod the thing's they want. The dev team is small and they are an indie developer. However, they have created one of the best playable early access FPS game's for well..since a long time.
    So basically, let's help push the game forward =)

    What can you offer for the team?
    kojn^ :

    I think I can add my experience and help other player's on the team/s, I've played UT,ut2003,ut2004,nexuiz,xonotic at a high level at somepoint or another.
    My reactions might not be as good as other's, however I do have a very good thinking mind when it comes to tactics and such. It's helped from playing heads-up poker a few years back when I was playing at a pretty high stake level, so I'm used to thinking what the opponent wants/is doing and then exploting that. If anything, I think I will add a lot to do with tactics and taking the lead (if) required in important parts in matches.

    Welcome again to nimbleMinds and congratulations to being a fullmember! Looking forward to playing with you <3
    kojn^ :