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nimbleMinds esports

server nimbleMinds esports
Channel Community
Channel fortnite
Channel Heroes of the Storm
Channel CS:GO
Client is talking dekleinebauer
Client LuckyLucker
Client is talking MortalMeax
Client Xalaton
Channel Terraria or Starbound
Channel Dirty Bomb
Client kette
Client is talking Steppenwolf
Channel Rust
Channel PUBG
Channel Rocket League
Channel Overwatch
Channel Team d
Channel Team 4
Channel Team Δ
Channel Limits' adventure zone
Channel Quake
private_channel Silvio' s Playground
Channel Away
Channel Busy
Channel Poke me!
Channel nimbleMinds
private_channel VIP-Council
Channel UT99-World of tanks SC_SQ- Beastz
Channel Red Team
Channel Blue Team
Channel TOXIKK
Channel Tribes Ascend (yeah, really!)
private_channel Council
Channel Bonusnorm
Port: 9987
Version: 3.3.0 [Build: 1533053401]
Server OS: Linux
Channels: 29
Clients: 7/512
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