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nimbleMinds esports

server nimbleMinds esports
Channel Community
Channel The Cycle
Channel Apex Legends
Channel fortnite
Channel Heroes of the Storm
Channel CS:GO
Client DerJoe
Client Stoawn
Channel Terraria or Starbound
Channel Dirty Bomb
Channel Rust
Channel PUBG
Client moTT|cheetah
Client moTT|Roughneck
Channel Rocket League
Channel Overwatch
Channel Team d
Channel Team 4
Channel Team Δ
Channel Limits' adventure zone
Channel Quake
Channel Ready for games
Channel Away
Channel Busy
Channel Poke me!
Channel nimbleMinds
private_channel VIP-Council
Channel UT99-World of tanks SC_SQ- Beastz
Channel Red Team
Channel Blue Team
Channel TOXIKK
Channel Tribes Ascend (yeah, really!)
private_channel Council
Channel Bonusnorm
Port: 9987
Version: 3.9.1 [Build: 1562073443]
Server OS: Linux
Channels: 31
Clients: 5/512
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