nimbleMinds, an european and north american online gaming clan active in toxikk, overwatch and unreal tournament

  • It was just last year August when we learned about Toxikk. Tomorrow we will kick of the game with hopefully a 24h straight stream together with people from Since it is early access there will probably be a lot that needs to be explored first.
    We will have new combinations of already known weapon types from Unreal Tournament, also Vehicles close to what we have already seen, but even if it plays like ut2k4: The game will be running on a newer engine as well. Expect some tweaking, some reporting, and a lot of action on the stream!

    My Hopes are that we are able to play this game competitively and place ourselves in the higher ranks of leagues and ladders to come. See you guys tomorrow!
  • I can't really believe it myself. nimbleMinds are 10 years old! This clan with all its people has been playing for all that time.
    In that time we have moved domains, servers and our gaming focus a few times.

    A special thanks to everyone who helped me organize it through the years:
    • Eiter, Patser, Gunnie, Exodia, Mandark and Flasher for their dedication in the UT2004 time.
    • Donk3y and Max who introduced us to the still active ut99 team.
    • Foul Play and Patser for the CNC4 Squad
    • Grimble, Tumi, Nilocy for your help with the Tribes Ascend Teams
    • Gr4mz, Schlammkrabbe and Scruffy for their help with the Loadout team.
    • Everyone who helped me through the years
    • imot for setting up the community gaming again :heart:

    Of course a special thanks to all the players who were fighting in the name of nimbleMinds. I am not forgetting anyone who played with us during the years, it would just be to many to list here :) I would like to see you join us on teamspeak here and there and enjoy a little gaming again!

    I am very happy that I met a lot of you guys in real life already and can call a lot of you my friends. :love:

    In the future I would like to see us play competitively in Toxikk and UT4, probably even CS:GO :D
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