nimbleMinds, an european and north american online gaming clan active in toxikk, overwatch and unreal tournament

  • I won my last game against wildman yesterday. Now i will enter the playoffs as the 2nd in the group. It was quite interesting since he played a really agressive style and I only stayed passive and kept damaging him from afar. Also thanks to crossie for warming me up a bit :love:
    Crossover still needs to play 2 more games in his group.

    Maybe some of you still remember Frippi who also hangs around here sometimes. Together with his buddy Rattle we have been playing 1v1s vs us the last 2-3 weeks. Also Zack is playing again. Still hoping to talk to him and play with him. We all are in separate groups but all together in the division 4.

    Good luck to all of you :)
  • It is time! The game finally has private lobbies again. We can finally train and scrim. Further Klitse has pushed the tournament forward, make sure to vote for Jackhammer ;)…n-tournament-part-2.9648/

    Remember Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays around 19:30 CEST is our training. Please be there and be ready for the tournament. I would like to see us participate with two teams.

    Further today we will try to kick of the pugging community in loadout again.
  • First of all since the last news we have changed a lot already. Not only do we have a few full members with

    we also have another promising trial with

    Sadly some trials have also already left us again mainly because of loadout not being the game for them, others have found a place within another team and I just ended a few trials of people who failed to meet our requirements of activity.

    We are still trying to form 2 teams and are looking for a sniper. If you feel you are up for the task contact us and introduce yourself on our boards.
  • Hello Community,
    First of all, for those who don't know me, I am Orion, aka Orionzor, I first met nimbleminds back in the Tribes days, we had a beginner team called "Nuts and Bots" and Stepo helped us a lot, teaching us how to get into competitive play, giving us tips, a server to play and speak, spectating our matches, basically, coaching us.
    I wasn't so sure where to post this but i guess it belongs in the news board.
    Here's the thing, some time ago i briefly mentioned it in this board ( news nimbleMinds starting two new squads) and Stepo said i was welcome to form something here.
    That day has finally arrived, I've been playing a lot of duo ranked with a friend of mine lately, but we would like to take a step forward and create a ranked team, so this post is basically to inform you we will create a nimbleMinds LoL Team and to ask if there's anyone here reading this that
    1 - Plays League Of Legends
    2- Is interested in joining a ranked team

    I'm not sure how we can further discuss this but if anyone is interested in joining letting me know would be a good first step.
    You can add me in LoL with the name "Orionzor".
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