nimbleMinds, an european and north american online gaming clan active in toxikk, overwatch and unreal tournament

  • After a crazy 5 hours of gaming yesterday the results for the first rounds are in. The Winner braket matches are played best of 5 while the loser braket games are played best of 3. The games started at 18 CEST, so basically half an hour before i leave work...<br/>
    Crozzie, Riz, Frippi and I, stepotronic, are still in the Cup. Frippi and I will meet in the loserbraket, and the winner will meet the winner of Riz vs melkir. Crozzie is in the final of the winnerbraket where he will meet burNiX

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    Winner bracket - Round 1<br />
    Crozzie vs magneto- (3:0)<br />
    With a clear win for Crozzie, even sending one of the favorites to th eloserbrakets, if you look at the votes, Crozzie managed to reach the 2nd round rather easily.<br />
    Crozzie vs magneto-
    <br /><br />
    Stepotronic vs Pablito (3:0) <br />
    My first round started with my opponent not showing up. Pablito a really nice guy from italy jumped in. Frippi met him in the group stage already. A clear 3 map win allowed me to enter the 2nd round. Where i would meet the winner of rattle and pio.<br />
    stepotronic vs pablito
    <br /><br />
    Winner bracket - Round 2<br />
    Crozzie vs Wedro (3:0)<br />
    Crozzie met one of my group stage opponents. Wedro beat me in my first games Crozzie however won 2 maps clearly with roughinery and reverse, but a closer match on rankin. Crozzie therefore qualified for the 3rd round of the winner bracket. I was talking to Crozzie after the match and he mentioned that wedro had a really passive playstyle and therefore Crozzie needed to adjust his own, to actually get frags. <br />
    Wedro vs Crozzie
    <br /><br />
    Stepotronic vs pio (3:2) <br />
    My 2nd opponent was pio who beat Rattle. The nailbiting game started of with a loss on my chosen map, squader. A close game, still pio played it smarter with me running into every combo i could see. His choise Sateca turned out to be not too strong against me. I was holding him down with rockets and a lot of spam around the corner. 2 breaks because of his imaginary phone calls lead to fewer frags on my side. He killed me even every time I unpaused instantly. Fair play does not seem to be his strength. The third map Ironic was played very defensively by me and I was leading clearly till the last minute of the match where pio started a hunt that had me running backwards most of the map. I couldn't replicate that on Rankin which where i was even leading at the middle of the map, pio then managed to wrestle me down and get a lead himself. The decider was roughinery where i was clearly dominating the map and with the score of 16:3 pio quit the game.<br />
    stepotronic vs pio
    <br /><br />
    Winner bracket - Round 3<br />
    Crozzie vs Melkir (3:0)<br />
    Melkir who sent Frippi to the loserbraket in a 3:1 win was not a big issue for Crozzie on Reverse (20:6) and Rankin (19:5). A closer game was Lea, which Crozzie managed to win with 11:10.<br />
    Crozzie vs melkir
    <br /><br />
    Stepotronic vs burNiX (0:3) <br />
    burNiX already sent Riz to the loserbraket, so i knew it was going to be a tough match. Well it was even tougher. His insane combo and hitscan skills never really allowed me to get close. I could only get to him by taking him into a close fight. It worked on ironic, but on squader it was impossible to catch up to him again after i killed myself 2 times due to my mouse giving up :D If someone needs an automatic right clicking mouse, I got one. :D
    In any case the strong hitscan skills of burNiX also lead to a clear victory on Lea. Who is therefore the next opponent for Crozzie in the winnerbraket final.<br />
    stepotronic vs burNiX
    <br /><br />
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    Frippi<br />
    WB1: Frippi vs n3rvou$ (3:0)<br />
    A clear 3:0 win for frippi allowed him to progress to round 2. I think n3rvou$ was also not supposed to play in the playoffs and a sub for a non showing up ethad.<br />
    Frippi vs n3ervou$
    <br /><br />
    WB2: Frippi vs melkir (1:3)<br />
    Frippi lost his 2nd game, but i sadly don't really know who won which map.<br />
    melkir vs frippi
    <br /><br />
    LB2: Frippi vs magneto (2:1)
    Frippi needed to play vs magneto who had lost to Crozzie and won vs crl. Frippi started with a clear 21:4 win on Lea and lost 10:6 on Rankin. The deciding map was Backspace where Frippi then qualified for the next round with 12:8<br />
    Frippi vs magneto
    <br /><br />
    LB3: Frippi vs Wedro (2:1)
    Again Frippi seems to have to play against everyone Crozzie played against. Winning on Ironic 12:4 he lost on lea 7:4. The decider Squader was won by frippi who therefore now meets me.<br />
    Frippi vs Wedro
    <br /><br />
    Riz<br />
    WB1:riz vs toifel (3:2)
    Riz managed to turn a nearly default win around against toifel after ironic and Aerowalk were defaulted to toifel. Then he won 3 maps in a row.<br />
    Riz vs Toifel
    <br /><br />
    WB2:Riz vs burNiX (0:3)<br />
    A clear loss vs burNiX on ironic, rankin and lea sent riz into the loserbraket.<br />
    Riz vs burNiX
    <br /><br />
    LB2: Rattle vs Riz (0:2) <br />
    Because of the loss Riz was then playing in the loser braket against Rattle. Now only in need of playing a best of 3 Riz won vs Rattle on Roughinery and Rankin and therefore eliminating Rattle.<br />
    Rattle vs Riz
    <br /><br />
    LB3: renemesis vs Riz (0:2) <br />
    A convincing win on Roughinery and Rankin allows Riz to meet melkir in the loser braket semi final.<br />
    Renemesis vs Riz<br />

    <br /><br />
    Rattle<br />
    WB1: rattle vs pio (2:3)<br />
    After losing on Sateca, Rattle won on Squader. Again losing on Reverse Rattle won a bit more clearly on Roughinery. The decider Lea then was won by pio 10:5.<br />
    rattle vs pio
    <br /><br />
    LB1: Rattle vs Pablito (2:0) <br />
    My former opponent met Rattle in the loser braket where after a close Aerowalk 11:8 for Rattle, a more convincing 25:7 on Roughinery for Rattle allowed him to proceed to the 2nd loser braket round.<br />
    Rattle vs Pablito
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    Details of games on
  • The playoffs are played tonight and tomorrow. I have no idea how I will be able to play already at 18 CEST, but I will try. Crossover, Frippi, Rattle and Riz made it as well :) See you all tonight!
    More info
    Votes for the winner
    Round predictions
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  • I won my last game against wildman yesterday. Now i will enter the playoffs as the 2nd in the group. It was quite interesting since he played a really agressive style and I only stayed passive and kept damaging him from afar. Also thanks to crossie for warming me up a bit :love:
    Crossover still needs to play 2 more games in his group.

    Maybe some of you still remember Frippi who also hangs around here sometimes. Together with his buddy Rattle we have been playing 1v1s vs us the last 2-3 weeks. Also Zack is playing again. Still hoping to talk to him and play with him. We all are in separate groups but all together in the division 4.

    Good luck to all of you :)
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