• Hello fellas!
    The second match of ut99 iCTF zp Opencup was played last Sunday (sorry for the delay), that match was versus the most strong clan on group A, and we did know that we weren't going to win their map, and depending wich map we choose, too. So we decided to pick a closed map and go for a draw and get some points for the classification .

    As we expected they won their map (Duku) 5 to 1, the second map (Eternal Cave) we finally won 1 to 0 :D, so third map was played. Finally they won the third map (Sprinta) 4 to 0.

    • First Map: Duke by 5 to 1 we lost.
    • Second map: Eternal Cave by 1 to 0 we won!
    • Third map: Sprinta by 4 to 0 we lost.
    So we got more than we expected and we are still going for the second place of the group to qualify.
    ClanBase link here .