• Thursday, we faced Team Flamboyant, who challenged us for the 3rd place on the Gameshrine EU 7v7 CTF Ladder. They are an upcoming team we scrimmed quite some times before and had some nice matches. Therefor, we were really looking forward to this match.

    nM. 4-5 flam~ (Arx Novena)
    nM. 4-3 flam~ (Crossfire)
    nM. 4-5 flam~ (Sunstar)

    Man, those were close games! All rounds were decided in the last seconds of the map (or their overtime, respectively). Even so we fielded our A team, we lost in a match were neither team was able to show their full potential. A couple of times, we gave away our lead far too easily - next time we will do better!
    The games was casted by DocLettuce, see the link below.

    nM. vs flam~