• Monday, we faced Team Pomf (=3), who challenged us for the 5th place on the Gameshrine EU 7v7 CTF Ladder.

    nM. 1-7 =3 (Arx Novena)
    nM. 0-5 =3 (Crossfire)

    After postponing the game a day and having to delay it by more than half an hour due to people not showing up (I had to drive 10km to sub in), we had severe issues. That included one guy crashing for half a map and two other guys with pings up to 500. Needless to say we lost horribly. Gonna also have think about how to crack that very efficient (but also terribly annoying) D stack turtle defense of theirs :cursing:
    The games were casted by DocLettuce, see the link below.

    nM. vs Pomf