• Hey guys,
    Some interesting stuff are happening lately so I wanted to get you all up to date.
    W2G has recently merged nM's T:A team, making the clan more active and powerful.
    The idea behind the merge was to make it possible for us to achieve 1-3 places on GS, play the 9vs9 ladder and really - just have more active members.
    After the merge, we're gonna split into two squads, depending on abilities and activity.
    1st squad is gonna run for top league, while the other is going to be on ladder and train as hard as it can to become elite.
    (Names for the squad are most welcomed!)
    As a co-leader of w2g I wanted to say I'm very excited about this merge, which will hopefully bring us new wins and ability to play whenever.
    That's about it - have a great week and cya around...