• As you may or may not be aware Planetside 2 was recently released.

    As a F2P MMOFPS with up to 2000 people per server, and as a game we're expecting a lot, and have already seen, of people to play this. And I want nimbleMinds to become a recognised name of the battlefield. We're currently playing as Terran Republic on Miller, lead by myself and the Vanu Sovereignty on Woodman lead by Dakta.

    Planetside 2 is about 3 factions, the TR, VS and NC (New Conglomerate) fighting over 3 huge continents in a constant struggle to be the winner. The game, map sizes and inclusion of vehicles means that there is a lot of scope for tactical and strategic play.

    So what I need everyone to do is to sign up, choose a team and join us on TS most weekdays at about 8pm GMT.

    Good luck soldiers,
    Victory is our tradition.

    - Nilocy