• Hello Community,
    First of all, for those who don't know me, I am Orion, aka Orionzor, I first met nimbleminds back in the Tribes days, we had a beginner team called "Nuts and Bots" and Stepo helped us a lot, teaching us how to get into competitive play, giving us tips, a server to play and speak, spectating our matches, basically, coaching us.
    I wasn't so sure where to post this but i guess it belongs in the news board.
    Here's the thing, some time ago i briefly mentioned it in this board ( news nimbleMinds starting two new squads) and Stepo said i was welcome to form something here.
    That day has finally arrived, I've been playing a lot of duo ranked with a friend of mine lately, but we would like to take a step forward and create a ranked team, so this post is basically to inform you we will create a nimbleMinds LoL Team and to ask if there's anyone here reading this that
    1 - Plays League Of Legends
    2- Is interested in joining a ranked team

    I'm not sure how we can further discuss this but if anyone is interested in joining letting me know would be a good first step.
    You can add me in LoL with the name "Orionzor".