• After a long time we can finally see a new patch with an immense list of updates. Along with a new map called FOUNDATION XL we see a map rotation and voting capabilities added.
    The official list contains a bit more, but here is a quick list.

    New Features:
    1. New Map: Foundation XL
    2. More Skill class transparency
    3. Pre-Match Lobbies
    4. Map Rotation and Voting
    5. Weapon Bar Editor
    6. Gamma Adjustment
    1. Netcode Improvements
    2. Accidental Mega Health set back to 100
    3. No longer able to stay in stealth forever
    4. No longer able to use switching to best weapon to increase the fire rate
    5. Kill Death ration set to divide by 1 when you did not die
    6. Encroaching to kill should not be possible anymore
    7. Artifact xl fixes
    8. Cell capture objective changed to return
    1. Cerberus non guided projectile speed decreased by 5%
    2. Stringray primary projectile speed increased by 25%
    3. Ravager damage doubled on both modes
    4. Gui redesign to reflect changes to rank, skill class and global position