• It's been a little more than 1 month ago since the game is released and the squad is still growing like weed.<br>

    Plz all welcome our fresh meat:<br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=503"><img src="/pix/flags/de.gif" />Hyrricane</a><br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=502"><img src="/pix/flags/us.gif" />s33ker</a><br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=501"><img src="/pix/flags/nl.gif" />Buitenbeentje</a><br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=500"><img src="/pix/flags/be.gif" />Foul Play</a><br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=498"><img src="/pix/flags/nl.gif" />Elmo.nl</a><br>

    <a href="/forum/index.php?page=User&amp;userID=497"><img src="/pix/flags/nl.gif" />Consc1ence</a><br>

    It's great to see that there is so much activity in Command & Conquer 4<br>
    And I hope to see all of you on the nimbleMeeting this weekend :D