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  • As you may or may not be aware Planetside 2 was recently released.

    As a F2P MMOFPS with up to 2000 people per server, and as a game we're expecting a lot, and have already seen, of people to play this. And I want nimbleMinds to become a recognised name of the battlefield. We're currently playing as Terran Republic on Miller, lead by myself and the Vanu Sovereignty on Woodman lead by Dakta.

    Planetside 2 is about 3 factions, the TR, VS and NC (New Conglomerate) fighting over 3 huge continents in a constant struggle to be the winner. The game, map sizes and inclusion of vehicles means that there is a lot of scope for tactical and strategic play.

    So what I need everyone to do is to sign up, choose a team and join us on TS most weekdays at about 8pm GMT.

    Good luck soldiers,
    Victory is our tradition.

    - Nilocy
  • Today the clan is 8 years old! I can't really believe it has been this long, but we are still alive :)
    Soon we will even be making another step towards more organized gaming. Katja and I have been working on designs, scripts and more to make hosting of teams easier and allow them to organize themselves easier.

    Thanks to everyone being in the clan for so long, thanks to all the players who kept it alive and thanks to everyone who shared this time with us. :love:

    Further the recent growth to old strength in the tribes ascend team allows me to end a lot of successful trial periods today. Welcome to the new nimbleMinds member joining the tribes ascend squad:

    Looking forward to play more tribes ascend with you soon.

    Some players are sadly not active enough to make it into the tribes ascend team, but they still passed their trials and therefore welcome to the nimbleMinds community:

    Hope to see you online soon and play with you!
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