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  • Redesign
    We will get a new design! I talked to a friend of mine today and told her about tribes ascend and how i would like to see nimbleMinds get a redesign now. Expect preview next week :)

    I am planning on integrating more about the Games that we play on our new Wiki. I have to add the desing and I know it is empty, but more will follow soon. If you want to contribute, just talk to me.

    Trials and Team-forming
    Further I would like to welcome another trial.
    Nilocy wants to be our main scrambler :)
    We played nice matches with him today with DarkTower, AnAnaatti, Knokky and Eiter as well.

    Training Days
    I think we are now at a point were we could think about regular training. I would suggest Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as possible days. Please tell me when you can play. Of course casual gaming is still possible every day. First train with sing-ups is online. [event=57]Tribes Ascend Training[/event]

    Private Server
    As soon as our Team is full (~10 People) I will then sign us up on the HiRez Forums to get a private server!
  • Yo guys!

    Since stepo asked me last time why I don`t post stuff when I`m travelling I figured I should do it this time :)

    Location: Paris..... owyeah, I`m going to those bastards though I love the language :P. Time to fresh`n up my vocabulary ( :S)!
    Leaving thursday 10th and heading home again on monday 14th. If there excist any frenchies in here feel free to join me on friday night in town catching some women if possible ^^;.

    Reason for travelling to Paris in the first plays is ofc my most beloved game/hobby and a burning descier (or how d f. u spell it) to become a professional Magic player ;) (in case some of u didn`t know that ;P).
    Wish me the best of luck. Though I will be here today but dunno if I`m online or not. In the meen time.
    Aurevoir mes amies! :D

    PS; Did u remember u said that stepo =P? (the first line,I guess you do coz YOU`RE THE MAN! ;))
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