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  • After a pretty convincing display of klimaxx who beat us 7:0 on katabatic and 6:2 or dangerous crossing we dropped from the Season 3 EUTL Pro league playoffs. Good luck for the rest of the games klimaxxx. <3

    I can say that i had a lot of fun playing with all of you, and therefore many shoutouts to all of the players who jumped in for the people leaving us. I can however also understand why you left :) Thanks to reffe and m473us for playing the first few games with us.
    Big shoutouts to Omega and Dieze who managed to play games that would have been unbearable to me. 500+ Ping all the time. Extra Shoutout to Dieze for coming back to play with us.
    Thanks to Joshua who i managed to convince to play with us :) It took some time until we were able to integrate you, but you are a really good player, hope you stick around for the next wave of players.
    Thanks to shogun for finishing the cup with us although you already quit as well.
    Thanks to oahra for being there when we needed you, also for the comedy ;)
    Thanks to devona and tumi for your solid games and patience towards me.
    And ofc thanks to imot, who had to leave us because of his exams. I hope you got good grades!
    Thanks to the whole team who managed to pull off some awesome games despite all the problems and actually not being active.

    This is not the end of tribes at nM, but it will definitely be the end of tribes for me. If you are interested in playing the game with nMz contact anyone of our team or introduce yourself on the boards. We are looking into a new team for next year :)

    Some of us will continue in a game called loadout, where tumi, devona, noober, spessu (yeah he is back <3) and me will be participating in the first draft tourney:…3-Jackhammer-Draft-League
  • After all the problems with the roster and the resulting forfeit of the EUTL we took a little break and looked for some new players. We obviously also needed to rethink the approach, since a lot of stitches and patches of the team were the reason we were performing so bad, besides the fact that servers were a hellhole.
    We have quite a comforting roster now and I am happy to say that we are also a bit more flexible now.

    Bibendus told me that his work would not really allow him to be there in time and he currently needs a little time off the game anyway so he is happy to be only backup.
    We are still waiting for the introduction of Kalad, who has shown some good infiltrator play and co capping with omega.
    Devona came to us a our new sniper who will be able to replace dieze and give him the opportunity to move out into the field again :)



  • Our 3-day squad went through a lot of ups and downs lately. Now, finally, we have settled with a couple of new faces, a fixed roster and now also new name! Henceforth we shall be known as nimbleMinds eternal.

    This name was chosen due to the fact that we are the team with the longest history in Tribes Ascend (apart from idk?). Even though there were times where things looked pretty grim, we always managed to survive and shall do so as long as TA is played competitively!

    The squads consists of
    Grimble (backup)
    minus (backup)

    The first match under our new flag will be our final game in the EUTL Pro League were we face nobody less than idk? themselves. This match however, is not crucial due to us already being qualified for the playoffs - a task our zero-life brethren still have to accomplish today against flam!
    Both matches will be streamed on the official Twitch channel (see beloiw) starting at 19oo!

    EUTL Pro League
    Official Tribes Ascend channel
    nMe vs idk? (19oo)
    nMz vs flam (213o)
  • Well this has been on the cards for some time now, we've been inching closer together like shy young lovers over the last month or so, and now its time to make it official. Stepo and I are working on the details, but officially the pld squad shall now be known with tag [nMd] (nimble Mind Decisions).

    From now on we'll be sharing the same Teamspeak, website, servers and so on. There will be a crossover period of a couple of days as I get everyone moved over, but you should see us around quite a lot pretty soon <3

    Cheers guys
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